Approbation Process / Recognition

After completing their studies and subject-related training, doctors can apply for a license to practice medicine. This happens in accordance with the respective licensing regulations. Once they have been granted a license to practice medicine, doctors are authorized to practice their profession through a state license. The requirements for the professional license vary according to the licensing regulations of the competent authority.

All foreign doctors who want to work as a doctor in Germany must have their doctor’s diploma (medical training) recognized by the competent state authority. In some federal states there is only one licensing authority, other federal states have several licensing authorities in the various regions.

The state medical associations are responsible for the recognition of specialist medical degrees. The recognition of the medical specialist diploma is the responsibility of the state medical association in whose catchment area the doctor wishes to work. Most health professions and chamber laws also require membership in the medical association.You can only qualify as a doctor when you join the Medical Association. When you join the Medical Association, you are also automatically a compulsory member of the respective medical pension fund.

In order for the license to practice medicine to be granted, an application must be submitted. The license to practice medicine stipulates which attachments doctors must add. Approval is only granted after all documents have been submitted.

After the medical license has been granted, nothing stands in the way of practicing your profession.

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