We all went through the same paths, good and bad, and started a new life in Germany. This life includes a wide variety of experiences together with before and after, and these experiences need to be somehow transferred, talked, written and drawn within ourselves.

That’s why we, as XpeeryMed, have created a community for you. Thanks to this community, you will be able to be in the same environment with people who understand you, without feeling alone during and after all stages of your arrival in Germany. By meeting new people when necessary, you will be able to step into a new environment, make friends, and with this solid network, you will feel the power of a solid community behind you.

This is your story, you came here by traveling long distances. You are here to be together with thousands like you and most importantly to share/tell/understand.

Because wherever we belong, we all have common tastes, shared longings, shared respect, shared joys and shared stories.

Come on, we are waiting for you among us.

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