Job Application Process / Contract Management

You have searched for a job and have found many job opportunities that you would like to apply to.  As you can imagine, the job application process is a very complicated and exhausting process. At this point, XpeeryMed professionals step in to draw the right career path for your business life.

So, what is the next step? Below, information is provided to show you through the necessary steps to manage your job application process by XpeeryMed.

The job application process consists of 5 main steps and this process is completely shaped by taking into account the knowledge, skills and career goals of the candidate.

1.Step –>Application Documentation

At this point, personal CV, Cover letter, reference pages, working documents, necessary documents related to education are prepared.

What are those documents?

Cover Letter: A cover letter is a single page paper highlighting the skills and abilities that show your employer you are the right person for the job.

Resume: A resume is a general overview, highlighting all that a person has done and the skills that sought after in the position.

References: The reference page focuses on the individuals that can support that a person has the qualifications needed in the job position.

Certificates: The work certificates of the latest working place would be prepared.

2.Step –>Application

XpeeryMed manages the application processes on your behalf by negotiating with the hospitals that have contracted with. Applications are made for the positions that meet the qualifications of the candidates.

3.Step –>Interview Simulations

While the application process continues, the candidates are informed about what they will do in the first job interview and by making practice interviews, the candidates are prepared for this application process.

4.Adım –>Job Interview and Acceptance

First interviews are held for the job applied for, and when the acceptance procedures are completed, it is checked whether the conditions are prepared in accordance with you and if there are points that need to be agreed upon, these points are clarified.

5.Step –> Contract

When the contract stage is passed, the contracts are reviewed by our partner law company within the framework of the legal processes in Germany and all stages are explained to you, and the process is completed with the accepted contract.

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