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In line with your new career goals, you may want to manage all your application, documentation and legal processes yourself. At such a point, you can review the agreements we have made in hospitals in Germany and the job postings we have created thanks to our network. At this point, you can get information from us about the jobs listed and send your applications directly to the hospitals.

You can either manage the process with us from the very beginning, or you can organize yourself applications to the jobs that we will offer you.

The portal contains a variety of job offers from hospitals within Germany. XpeeryMed has received all job offers at directly from companies and institutions, to announce them for you. These offers can, but must not necessarily, be published in other job portals on the Internet.

You can simply have a look on the jobs from our job portal and if you find a suitable one for your expectation, you can contact with us to apply this jobs.

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