Legal Procedures

After getting a job offer or a valid employment contract ,your journey is ready to start through Germany but it is not possible without some legal procedures. An overview of these processes are as follows ;

Checking Requirements

  • Checking all your documentations according to the requirements

Making an appointment at the German Embassy

  • Preparation of necessary documents: e.g. employment contract, passport, visa application form etc.

Applying for visa in country of residence

Entering Germany

  • Issuance
  • Booking flight/journey to Germany

Applying for residence permit

  • Making appointment with foreigners authority
  • Applying for residence permit
  • Requesting a list of the required documents and preparing them

As XpeeryMed, we are following all this processes on behalf of you.

Customised solutions for your legal procedures

Speed and Simplicity

Easy, much less complicated application process

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Get Approved

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